Will you pick a Wii U, PS4 or XBOX 720?

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If you’re on this site reading this particular article, I’m going to guess you’ll most likely be buying a Wii U. Either you’ve already made up your mind about not buying a Wii U or

you decided to buy it on (or close to) launch. You’re either not interested in games like Mario and Zelda or you do love them or you just want to see what the Wii U can do for you (bad rhyme intended). But what about its competition? Will the fancy PS4 and XBOX 720 be more than an upgrade to its predecessors?

(Please keep in mind while reading this, that this is all based on opinion and assumptions.)

First let’s look at our beloved/hated evil Sony-overlords and their new monolith/console. What do we know? Well, Sony promised us a new media-interface and hardware-upgrade.  Sony also likes to reiterate how they continue to please “hardcore-gamers” with games like God of War, Uncharted and undoubtedly a new Gran Turismo. I think it’s safe to say they’ll offer some decent games and some new interesting IP’s.  Free online-play will probably still be available and they’ll probably expand on Playstation Plus. These are all very nice things…

…that we already have. In one way, I can think of this as a good thing. We’ll still have our beloved IP’s and it will play most big releases as well. You know that stuff all those “hardcore-gamers” keep demanding from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (aka the big three). The thing I fear about Sony’s next console is that it will (once again) try to force Move or 3D onto us. You know, those things the big three use to lure in other non-gaming people to consoles. It’s like Sony has a small identity crisis. In one case it keeps claiming it wants to represent the hardcore-crowd while in the other case Sony likes to say:

Look at this magic wand-like joystick! You can sorta, kinda, not really control your character like if you‘re in the game itself! Also: look at this 3D that requires an expensive TV or monitor!  What? You don’t have an expensive TV or monitor?! You can buy a shitty small sized 3D-monitor for only 250 bucks!

And what about the new XBOX? It will definitely give gamers lots of IP’s like Halo, Gears of War and another Forza. Benefits for xbox-live-memberships will also probably stay so you’ll be able to play your Elder Scrolls 6 DLC thirty days in advance and mock your friends who play it on pc or PS4. What else are they going to pop out of the closset? Maybe an upgraded Kinect that actually works with non-casual games. A lot of attention might go into the whole “Everything is XBOX!”-thing. I must say I look forward to my XBOX 720 which I’ll be turning on with my 500 dollar Windows Surface tablet while using my Kinect 2.0 to tell my mom in the kitchen to fetch me a sandwich.

In all seriousness though: it’s not like the integration of xbox into other devices can’t yield nice benefits to owning an XBOX 720. If it’s there: fine. If it’s there and constantly forces social-media-crap and XBOX-connectivity-shit on me; count me out.

Now you might be wondering if I myself have already made up my mind on which console to choose, based on what I’ve said in this blog so far. I’ll probably wait it out while continuing “the glorious pc-gaming-life”. What I want most are some interesting IP’s. Sony’s has offered quite a few this past generation, but most multi-platform releases seemed to perform better on the XBOX 360 which left me feeling disappointed at Sony (and developers in general). Nintendo had a new controller-system that annoyed the hell out of me but also offered many interesting IP’s at a low console-price!  It really tore me up at times how the system had such great titles to offer but required me to use THAT GODDAMN WII-mote! The XBOX 360 only offered the benefit of more stability and better performance for multi-platform releases. Yes, there’s that whole awesome-online-stuff it offers but I don’t care much for online-gaming so XBOX 360 doesn’t get any bonus points for that. I don’t care much for Halo(while not denying it’s a great franchise), Gears of War and its other IP’s.

To many gamers it might simply be the matter of: does it have this one game I really want?

Which means if Dragon Quest X gets a Western release; I’m getting that Wii U on day 1!

Nintendo Wii U

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