What’s Trouble in Terrorist Town

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In this video you see SeaNanners playing Trouble in Terrorist Town together with Hutch (shaun0728). They are both YouTube commentators and really really funny together. SeaNanners is just a really funny guy in all his video’s. He never takes anything too serious and is a very experienced gamer. He used to do a lot of Call of Duty gameplay video’s and Minecraft where he at first really wanted to play well, give tips and impressions to his viewers. He is currently playing more fun games such as Trouble in Terrorist Town and Hidden.

Explaining Trouble in Terrorist Town

The game has 2 kinds of players, traitors and innocents. You don’t know what other players are and the objective is to kill the other “team” (traitors kill innocents and innocents need to kill the traitors). Only the traitors know who the other traitors are. There is also a detective who can investigate murders with a DNA-scanner. The game was added as a gamemode to Garry’s Mod, which was first released in 2004 as a Half-Life 2 mod.

Innocents are always in a majority, but they have to protect themselves from surprise attacks from traitors. Players can find weapons throughout the maps. For traitors it’s important to try and get other players alone with them. This way they can murder them without anybody else witnessing the murder. Inocents need to survive and detect if other players are acting strange, or if evidence can be linked to a certain player.

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