Videogame Wishlist October 2011

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Rage (October 7 -2011 | PS3, PC, X360)

I wasn’t really looking forward to Rage, but the first reviews has put the game on top of my wishlist for this month. Rage is a First-Person-Shooter but mixed with a lot of other different gameplay elements, mini-games and vehicles. The game kind of reminds me of Borderlands, and although I didn’t really enjoy Borderlands, I think (hope) Rage will be more action-packed and much less travelling between sections of the game. More shooting, less walking.


Rage the videogame for PS3, Xbox360 and PC


Batman: Arkham City (October 20 -2011 | PS3, X360)

Batman: Arkham City, probably the game I’m looking forward to the most. Batman: Arkham Asylum was the best superhero game I’ve ever played. Batman is a badass character and the combat in Arkham Asylum really magnifies that. You could really feel the punches and kicks when fighting a bunch of Joker’s thugs. I wrote a preview of Batman: Arkham City a while ago.


Batman Arkham City for PS3 and Xbox360


Battlefield 3 (October 27 -2011 | PS3, X360, PC, Wii U)


I’m playing the open beta at the moment and I really like it. I mostly buy shooters because of their online multiplayer, but I also really enjoyed the singleplayer of the last Battlefield game: Bad Company 2. I know Battlefield and the Bad Company series are different in many levels, but Battlefield 3 gameplay feels much faster, which is a plus for me. I also just can’t wait to fly with a jet, so exciting!

Battlefield 3 game on PS3, Xbox360, PC and Wii U


on the maybe list:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (October 14 -2011 | PS3, X360, PC)

I was always a big fan of Pro Evolution Soccer, but past couple of years it has gone downhill. It’s too slow and doesn’t play smooth anymore. I said it as well last year, but I’m hoping for a revive next year.


Pro evolution soccer 2012 for PS3, Xbox360 and PC

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