Planet Axel bankrupt

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Yes, you read it correctly, Planet Axel bankrupt! with exclamation mark! For all you gameshop loving people out there, Planet Axel was declared bankrupt. Last week, on June 18, the board of directors informed the rest of the company that there would be no additional investments into the company and this had some big consequences for the company as a whole. The severe loss in financial year 2011 was too great to continue its efforts in selling great games for great prices and the decision to file for bankruptcy was made almost instantly. Planet Axel’s bankruptcy was announced to its customers with a clear message on the homepage of the webshop. ¬†Rasmus Christiansen, General Manager of Planet Axel posted the final message on the homepage and it’s pretty clear that this man is now losing an important part of his life after being with the company for over 18 years.

Planet Axel bankrupt, what now?

Planet axel bankrupt, what now you might wonder. In their closing statement on the homepage, they state solutions for the following situations: If your order was shipped before the 18th of June, you will probably receive it in the near future. Final shipments were made on the morning of June 18 2012. Orders after this date will not be shipped and refunded as soon as possible. Outstanding vouchers are unfortunately lost.

Not too long ago, I ordered Starhawk with Planet Axel. It maybe took some more time before it got delivered in Belgium, but I paid far less for it than when I would have bought it in a shop nearby.

Planet Axel was mainly known for its great usability as a webshop, the awesome internal search engine, … ¬†however most of all because of its low prices on DVD’s, Blu ray and especially video games.


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