Minecraft wallpaper for you

Owkey, I lied, it’s not just one minecraft wallpaper, … but 10 I feature here. In an earlier post, I went out in search of cool videogame wallpapers from all kind of games. Now yesterday, I was viewing some old minecraft video’s of Seananners from when he started playing the game. Such a good voice and entertaining guy overall. Well, that inspired me to do a new post about wallpapers, however now only about Minecraft.

Minecraft wallpapers about enemies

The enemies in Minecraft are very important for the game. They are so very characteristic, especially the creaper, what makes them very recognizable and a link to Minecraft is never far away.

minecraft wallpaper enemies

source: wallbase.cc

minecraft enemies

source: wallbase.cc

minecraft wallpaper for miners only

source: wallbase.cc

Dark wallpapers

Just take a look at that, that looks awesome. A mine, a water stream, a tree growing inside the mine. Yeaaaaah mines!

minecraft wallpaper dark

source: wallbase.cc

minecraft wallpaper dark 2

source: wallbase.cc

Minecraft cartoon wallpapers

minecraft cartoon wallpaper

source: wallbase.cc

minecraft creaper cartoon wallpaper

source: wallbase.cc

minecraft cartoon wallpaper

source: wallbase.cc

Minecraft quotes

minecraft wallpaper quote

source: wallbase.cc

minecraft wallpaper quotes

source: wallbase.cc

I recently started playing Minecraft again and it has got me hooked once more. With one of these wallpapers you will be the coolest guy/girl on the block!

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