Games on my smartphone

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Last couple of years, mobile games have become more and more popular. This had an effect on their quality too, which has improved a lot. Since smartphones and tablets have become so popular, more and more games are downloadable as apps. I even have a few installed on my smartphone. I own a HTC Hero, an Android-based smarthphone, and search the Market regularly for new, fun games. These are the ones I have installed right now. These are all free to download from the Android Market.

Games on my smartphone – Air Control Lite

Next smartphone game is my favourite: Air Control Lite is a sort of flight manager game where you guide different types of aircraft to suitable landing zones. They all have different speeds and sizes and it’s up to the player to draw save flight routes to their appropriate landing zones. It’s game over when 2 aircraft crash into eachother. The difficulty raises when you get more and more aircraft safely to the ground. The Lite smartphone version of this game is free, however it does have only 2 different maps to play on. The standard map is the most fun and challenging in my opinion, so the Lite version should be just fine for most players.

Air Control Lite smartphone game on Android

Games on my smartphone – Alchemy

This game I just recently downloaded after a friend recommended it to me. It’s pretty simple to explain: You have 4 basic elements which you then need to combine to get new elements or objects. These 4 elements are water, fire, earth and air. To give you an example: You can combine air and earth which will give you dust. You can then combine dust with fire and get gunpowder. Dust and water gives you mud,… and so on. There are 360 different elements or objects you can discover by combining 2 other elements or objects. Looking for all these items is pretty addicting.

Alchemy smartphone game on Android


Games on my smartphone – Jewels

Pretty fun and entertaining smartphone game. Mobile version of Bejeweled where you have to line up 3 or more of the same jewels. If you do that, they dissapear and you earn points. You guys all know the game I’m sure.

Jewels smartphone game on Android

Games on my smartphone – Angry Birds

Probably the most famous mobile game at the moment with almost over 100 million downloads. The goal of the game is to kill piggs by shooting birds (angry ones) at them with a giant catapult. You get a limited number of birds and the piggs are mostly protected by different objects. I probably don’t need to explain any further because I can’t imagine you haven’t seen or heard of the game already.

Angry Birds smartphone game on Android

I must admit Angry Birds is kinda laggy on my smartphone so I haven’t been playing it a lot. Should search for a better version I guess.

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