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Posted December 24, 2012 by Mattias Vercauteren in Videos

Black Ops 2 Jumps and Spots on the map Aftermath with TmarTn

The nice thing about TmarTn is that his video’s are actually really helpful. He gives you tips about certain spots where you can easily defend spots, capturing points, lines of sights where you can easily pick off enemies. He’s also does comparison video’s between certain weapons, attachments, equipment and much more.

In this video he features the map Aftermath, where he shows you some nice spots to capture points and defend them in domination. I play domination almost exclusively as it is one of the most fun objective type games in de the Call of Duty series. A team really needs to work together if you want to capture and hold certain key spots on the map. At the start of the match, one of us would capture the nearest point, while the others run to the B-spot and try to capture this as fast as possible. Don’t all jump onto the B-spot, but have some members of your team push a little forward to keep the enemy at a safe distance.

Channel: TmarTn

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