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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

I try to write short reviews when I feel the game doesn't deserve more text spend on. The length of the review reflects its grade.

Some cool multiplayer vid’s about Black Ops

I know it's been an overload of Black Ops post, but that's the game I have been playing a lot lately. One thing that is pretty fun is Theater Mode. Theater Mode allows the player to review his games played and record segments o...

Epic fanmade Pokemon movie trailer

We all played Pokemon on our Gameboy at least once in our lifes and that's not a bad thing. They are good games with a very rich world build around them. It's that what makes it so appealing, the world of Pokemon. Catching them...


The much anticipated release of Black Ops

Something new I'm trying out is Storify. Storify allows people to pull content from social networks together to create a cohesive story with tweets, posts, photos and videos that maintain their original functionality. Basical...

Fanmade – Metal Gear Solid boxart

Metal Gear Solid is a very popular gameseries with a big fanbase. So it wasn't really surprising to see that there are a lot of fanmade boxarts available for its games. Below I give you a selection of the coolest ....
Hating things you love

Hating things you love – Lame AI

I love playing football games (soccer), I just do. I talked earlier about how I started with This Is Football, PES and more recently Fifa. I love the game in real life so it isn't hard for me to like its digital version as well...


What the hell is Minecraft?

I've been hearing a lot from Minecraft and saw some videos where people had made some amazing structures in a graphically outdated sandbox world, but I've never really understood what the purpose of the game actually is. And I ...

Some old evo fight – Street Fighter

I played Street Fighter in the arcades when I was very young, but back then it was all just buttonbashing for me. At Playlogic my colleagues would regularly play a match of Street Fighter during breaks with their arcade sticks....

CoD: Black Ops – Perk combo’s

You all know the sonics, the ghosts and whatever else in Modern Warfare 2. Different types of classes with a set combination of perks which defines a certain playstyle. Sonics are usually classes equipped with Marathon, Lightwe...