What’s Trouble in Terrorist Town

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In this video you see SeaNanners playing Trouble in Terrorist Town together with Hutch (shaun0728). They are both YouTube commentators and really really funny together. SeaNanners is just a really funny guy in all his video’s. He never takes anything too serious and is a very experienced gamer. He used to do a lot of Call of Duty gameplay video’s and Minecraft where he at first really wanted to play well, give tips and impressions to his viewers. He is currently playing more fun games such as Trouble in Terrorist Town and Hidden.

Explaining Trouble in Terrorist Town

The game has 2 kinds of players, traitors and innocents. You don’t know what other players are and the objective is to kill the other “team” (traitors kill innocents and innocents need to kill the traitors). Only the traitors know who the other traitors are. There is also a detective who can investigate murders with a DNA-scanner. The game was added as a gamemode to Garry’s Mod, which was first released in 2004 as a Half-Life 2 mod.

Innocents are always in a majority, but they have to protect themselves from surprise attacks from traitors. Players can find weapons throughout the maps. For traitors it’s important to try and get other players alone with them. This way they can murder them without anybody else witnessing the murder. Inocents need to survive and detect if other players are acting strange, or if evidence can be linked to a certain player.

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WoodysGamertag talks about playing Black Ops 2 the smart way

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WoodysGamertag is yet again a YouTube commentator who shares videos about games. He always tries to give some good advice on how to play these games well. In the below video, you see him playing Demolition on Black Ops 2. He’s using the FAL with the target finder and tries to play the objective the best way he can. When he’s able to plant or defuse the bomb, he’s always aware of where the enemy is and if it’s save to actually go for the plant or defuse. If he sees that teammates are already planting or defusing the bomb, he makes sure they have a safe window.

At one time, he calls in the Lightning Strike, but places one of the strikes outside the map. He cancels the strike, but tries to launch it again immediately  Apparently the strike needs to reset before you can use it again, but when he tried to call in the strike for the second time, he was able to use the strikemap to see where the enemy is. Something I didn’t knew you could do.

Also, one thing that really stuck by me was that he’s never looking for a fair fight. He explains that he tries to avoid situations where he’s one against one, gun against gun and its basically a fair showdown between himself and the enemy. He prefers situations where he has an advantage over the enemy, a bigger chance to get the kill and to get to his next killstreak. That’s a very defensive attitude and it is really helpful to have a couple of defense-minded guys in your team. However, I’m a very attacking kinda player and that’s more my style. I’m very objective minded, but I run into dangerous situations more of the time than a defensive player. We need both kinds of players in a team!

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What does YouTube commentator Chris Smoove look like?

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It was a longlasting secret: “What does YouTube commentator Chris Smoove look like?“. He never revealed himself in all these years he’s been commentating YouTube video’s. He did appear twice in his early years on YouTube, but those video’s were removed because of copyright issues for the music he used in them. Other YouTube commentators appear regularly in their video’s, such as xJawz and Seananners, but never Chris Smoove. Not until Tony Parker (NBA) challenged him to play some Need For Speed Most Wanted that is.

The video is set up to promote Need For Speed Most Wanted and shows Tony Parker racing against Chris Smoove. And you actually see Smoove appear in the video, playing the game on the couch. He owns Parker throughout the whole race, but loses eventually. But most important, you get to see what Chris Smoove looks like.

Now, it is him, I’m absolutely certain about that. However, a lot of people commented that it’s a fake video, and that the guy racing against Tony Parker isn’t really Chris Smoove. Smoove himself actually talks about this “conspiracy theory” in a new video of his (when going on a mad killstreak in Black Ops 2). He explains the theory and gives some explanations on how it could be true, so he really is feeding the possibility that it could be a fake video. I just thinks he likes the anonymity and likes to be mysterious about his appearance so people won’t recognize him on the street. But it is you Smoove, I know it. And he looks like a fun guy to hang out with…

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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team explanation by NepentheZ

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I haven’t gotten FIFA 13 yet, but a friend brought it with him this weekend and it looks really good. The speed of the game is much higher this year, more arcady, more pro evo and that’s something I really like. Probably not something real FIFA fans want to hear, but fast paced games is something that I rather play than slow, realistic ones. NepentheZ is one of the YouTube commentators who plays FIFA exclusively and posts very good  and clear commentaries.

One series he’s doing for FIFA 13 is a Rise to Fame in Ultimate Team. Commentaries about his journey in Ultimate Team in each episode. Below you will find episode 1, where he gives an explanation on Ultimate Team in FIFA 13, the set-up, his squad and much more. You’ll get a lot of information and tactics from following the journey, listening to tips and tricks, watching how they play the game, so don’t shy away from watching some of these video’s. You will not find a better FIFA 13 Ultimate Team explanation.

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Playing Assassin’s Creed 3 with Chris Smoove

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The Assassin’s Creed franchise is probably one of my favourite game series ever. I love the story, the history in the games, the different characters, gameplay, the different approaches to complete missions and the sneaking around in big cities. For some reason I never completed Revelations, and I yet have to start playing Assassin’s Creed 3. Watching Chris Smoove (Youtube commentator) play Assassin’s Creed, makes me really want to go buy the game and play it all the way through.

Chris Smoove plays a mission where he has to defend a enraged friend from the guards in the city. His commentary is never really strategic or technical, but entertaining to listen to. He is recording a lot of Assassin’s Creed 3 content, entire missions, good playthroughs and sharing that via his Youtube channel. Go and check it out!

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Black Ops 2 Jumps and Spots on the map Aftermath with TmarTn

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The nice thing about TmarTn is that his video’s are actually really helpful. He gives you tips about certain spots where you can easily defend spots, capturing points, lines of sights where you can easily pick off enemies. He’s also does comparison video’s between certain weapons, attachments, equipment and much more.

In this video he features the map Aftermath, where he shows you some nice spots to capture points and defend them in domination. I play domination almost exclusively as it is one of the most fun objective type games in de the Call of Duty series. A team really needs to work together if you want to capture and hold certain key spots on the map. At the start of the match, one of us would capture the nearest point, while the others run to the B-spot and try to capture this as fast as possible. Don’t all jump onto the B-spot, but have some members of your team push a little forward to keep the enemy at a safe distance.

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What features would you like to see in GTAV?

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